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Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 115

Dear lil one, I wonder what your doing today, and what you look like. Today, you're 16 weeks and 3 days. I wish I knew if you're a boy or a girl, we will find out in 4 more weeks what gender you are. It's seems like so far away, I wish I could hold you today. Your mommy is paranoid that she's getting really BIG, she is, but she's not as big as she think she is. She's just getting bigger faster than most mom's do. In fact, since she was big so fast, we thought you had another sibling in there with you! We were, however, wrong. She says, she's as big as Tucson, AZ, but she's not. We call her belly/you Tucson, so that's your lil nickname. It's so much more fun now that I have something to call you. None of the other one's had nicknames before you were born. The doctor thinks you are a boy, so Tucson is perfect:) I hope you are a girl, but I will love you just the same if your a boy. If you are a girl, I know you can do anything. According to stats, after you've had 2 babies of the same sex, it's almost impossible to have a child of the opposite sex. You dear child, have three brother's before you. So to be a girl, your will have defied all odds, and proved statistics wrong! :)
It rained most of the day, which was nice. It cooled the weather off. I love the rain, except for when my hairs straight or when I have outdoor plans. lol The rain is an amazing thing, I think it's beautiful, because when it rains it's as if the whole world stops and slows down. Can you believe God in His amazing glory, can use a drop of water, or many drops of water to calm the entire world down? Pretty amazing stuff. Today, your sister and I were delivering flyers, and we stopped and sat on this guys yard, to talk/vent to each other. We sat for about an hour, and then we see this guy get out of his car, look at us weird. Then walk up his steps, he was probably thinking what in the world are these crazy girls doing?! Were pretty crazy together, your sister and I, but we have a lot of fun together!
Take good care of your mommy, she's really sick all the time. It seems like forever since we've had our "mom" with us. Before you were thought of, she had gallbladder problems for almost a year, and then she finally, had it out, and before that it was migranes. She was just starting to recover, and she got pregnant with you. When your bigger, your mother will always tell you, I carried you in my tummy for nine LONG months, when she wants you to do something for her. Tucson, it's only 3 months and it seems like forever. I don't know how in the world women do it. I can see first hand what it cost to have you come into the world. I know it will be worth it when your here, but all of your siblings really miss our mommy. I love you!

Your Sister,

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