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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 117

Hey lil one!!!! How are you today? Today, was beautiful, the weather was perfect, it looked like it was going to storm, but didn't. I love the weather right before it storms! It's so peaceful outside. You will understand what I mean one day. It was a bitter-sweet day today at church. We have been using the library to meet for church on Sunday's, but during the summer they raise the prices, so we can't afford them. So we're meeting at the Salvation Army till September. It will be good to see what the Lord does, but it will still be different. Change sometimes is good, but for me? I hate change. lol I don't mind trying something new, but only for a lil bit. So in the morning's we will pass out tracts/talk to people and invite them to church for our big day of "new beginnings" on Sept 5, then at night we will be in the salvation army. It should be interesting, although I HATE the piano there. It really sucks, it's out of key and a lot of the keys don't work, but oh, well. I do hope you can play the piano, it's an amazing instrument, I think it's the best one out there. I hope your having fun today! I love you so much.

Your Sister,

p.s. Sorry, the post is so short today, my itouch charger broke, and I tried to get a new one, but I have to go to a different store. So your siblings and I went to the internet cafe, (cuz we're facebook addicts lol) and split the time, and my times up. love you!

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