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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 121

hey lil one!! How are you today? My body is so tired and worn out, my legs just hurt, and I have no idea why. Other than that everything is good.:) Your mommy was able to start going back to the chiropractor this week. (her doctor had to have her gallbladder removed, so she was out for 2 weeks.) It helps her feel better. After the appointment the other day, they went and got a slushie from 7/11. Micah loves to go, so he wanted to go again today, but your mommy told him, "papa, (that's what we call your daddy) only buys 7/11 once a month." So then he goes, that's how I can count how much longer till the baby gets here. So when he got home, he told everyone you're five slushies away from being born! Isn't that the cutest little thing? I loved it!
Tonight your sister and I went with your daddy to try and find him some new glasses. He hasn't had a new pair in 8 YEARS!!! He sooooo cheap, we've been begging him to get new ones for about 6 years. lol He had 3 pairs, one pair was the most hideous they were HUGE frames from the 80's, the second pair were decent, but they fell out of the car somewhere on the road, and his last pair are so bent up, well, they should be trashed! So we find him two pairs of glasses, they look nice and they're from this decade, for $200 dollars, and he's sitting there trying to decide if that's a good deal and if he should buy them!!!! I told him like 10 times that was a really good deal. ugh! Your father is so cheap sometimes. So finally we convince him to buy them, but first he has to go get a perscription, so hopefully, he won't change his mind.:p lol well, lil one, I think I'm gonna go to bed, I barely got this one in on day 121! I love you!!

Your Sister,

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