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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 119

Hey beautiful!!! Today, you're 17 weeks old!!!! I'm so excited, 3 more weeks and we're half way there. Time is slowly moving by, yet at the same time it is moving by fast. I went and got my haircut today, I really like the cut. Last time I got it cut, it was terrible, but it eventually grew out. Since you're mixed, it's so hard to find people who can cut your hair(unless your a boy). Your mommy will cut your hair if your a girl, until you're old enough to want a style, then I will cut it. I cut your mommy and your big sister's hair. Your daddy will cut your hair if your a boy, until you want a style, then your big brother, Samuel, will cut it. He's really good at cutting hair, people in our neighborhood come to our house for him to cut it. Hair is so fun to play with, I love cutting/styling it. Hair is a big thing in our must be the black in our family. lol :)
Your brother, Micah, is so funny. He has no conscience of time, he can tell time, but he doesn't understand it. lol Today, your mommy told him to brush his teeth, put his bed clothes up, and something else. She said, "hurry, up you only have 9 minutes." So he's standing at the patio door taking his socks off, then your mom said, "hurry, up you only have 8 minutes." So he says, "I thought you said I had 9 minutes." Your mommy replies, "you wasted one minute." lol All of us died laughing. Your brother always says things to make us laugh. He is fun to be around!
Well, I must end this most your mommy has told me 10 times she wants to go to bed, so I have to go put the clean sheets on. I love you!

Your Sister,

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