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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 116

Dear lil one, I'm drawing a blank today...I don't know what to tell you about. Generally, before I start the new post I have an idea of what I want to say. Today, all of your older siblings and I went to the mall. (We go there generally every week or every other week. I love to shop, but not that much. It's just that's one of the few free things you can do in Toronto.)We were looking at shoes in Foot Locker, and we found you the cutest shoes. If your a boy, we found you Air Jordan's. (Basketball is the family's favorite sport. Your two brothers, Samuel and Landon, love to play. Your daddy played college basketball and your grandpa played pro.) If your a girl we found you Chuck Taylor's, they were adorable! They were turquoise blue. You dear child, are going to be the best dressed baby on the block! We can't wait to buy you clothes, even your big brother, Micah, who is 8 wants to buy you clothes. You're the first baby to enter into this family when most of the siblings had a job, so therefore you will be spoiled.:)
You're mommy is doing better today, she even made dinner for us while we were at the mall. I was thrilled! I can't remember the last time she made us a whole meal. Maybe there is a light somewhere at the end of this tunnel. Always believe, dear child, always believe. For faith is what gives you the courage to do the things you can't do, the strength to keep going when all seems in vain, and the hope that when all else fails Jesus will be there for you. That is one thing I've learned through my life, never give up, dare to believe, and try the impossible. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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