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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 279

Dear Little Person, today I'm very sick. I thought I was bad last time, but this is terrible. My fever was so high, it went down some though, I think. I feel really bad, I was supposed to play squash with these guys tonight, but I can't and I have no way to tell them. 
I have to tell you about the lunar eclipse. It was phenomonal! We got up at 1:48, and you could see the earth shadowing the moon, it was only part way though. Around 2:40 it was completely shadowing the moon, it was pretty cool. Then the best part started to happen, the moon started turning this amazing red. I loved it, I'm so glad I got up. We were studying about it online, this was the first lunar eclipse in 465 years to happen on a full moon, and it was the first one to happen in 300+ years to happen on winter solest. It was pretty cool. :) I will never get to see a lunar eclipse like that in my lifetime. I think everyone should've watched it. 
Well, the phones been ringing all day with people wondering if you're here, but still no baby. I do hope you come soon, but wait till I'm all better. :) I love you!!!

Your Sister, 

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