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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 275

Dear Tucson, I feel like this is a sick home. On old movies when an epidemic would sweep through a town, they would send everyone to one house to try and contain it from spreading into the whole town. They would have like 10 sick kids in one attic. We don't have quite that many, but everyone is still sick, but in various levels. :) I'm on the mend, so I'm thankful for that. I did gravity this morning, which was very stupid, it completely wore me out. I don't know why I get these thoughts in my head. Generally, when I'm sick, I go work out and it makes me feel better, so yesterday I went to cycle fit (cardio), and today I thought, I'll go to gravity(muscle works) to balance it all out. Once again, I just survived, I get these crazy ideas in my head, it's like I think I'm super woman or something. ;) lol
Micah was going stir crazy, so he asked me to take him to the library, he wanted some books to look at. So we go, and I walk what seems as slow as Christmas, one because he's still kind of weak and two, I don't want him to have an asthma attack in the cold. We make it get some books, and we're just about to leave and the librarians asks us if we want to stay for the movie and I'm like um....well, okay, I guess we could do that. So I called your mommy ( I LOVE cells phones :) and asked her if she would be okay without us for a little bit longer, and she's like sure. So we watched Home Alone 3, I love those movies. I know they're so stupid, but I think they're cute, and yes, I've told you before I'm crazy. lol
Tomorrow the boys have a game and Micah has a taekwondo party, so I better get off, I need do some laundry, I'm waaaay behind. I don't want any one wearing dirty clothes tomorrow. lol I love you!!!!!

Your Sister,

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