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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 269

Hey Little One,
  Landon is really sick so we didn't go shopping today. :( Alexa just told me since I'm writing these posts as letters I'm writing them improperly, I'm supposed to always hit enter and start on the next line. I told her I actually thought about that, but I'd already started and I didn't want to go back and change the other posts. I wanted them to all look the same, but today's is going to be different since Alexa is sitting here waiting for me to hit enter. She's happy now. She actually needs to go to bed, she's laughing hysterically for no reason. She won't listen though....ok, she's started up again, I might have to drag her to bed.... :) She's now trying to play the harmonica which she's hasn't done in like 5 years. What a crazy life we live.
I love the Christmas season. Last night I watch a Christmas movie with our mommy, just me and her. We love cheesy Christmas movies, I guess it might not be we love them, but we love spending the time together. We were half way through the movie and I said we should have hot chocolate. So for one of the last few times we just sat on her gigantic bed and had hot coco and watch a cheesy Christmas movie. I thought, can life get any better than this? I thought about that, and my first thought was no to be honest, but the longer I thought, I decided that was the wrong answer. If you look at the temporal, then no, it can't, (spending time with family is one of the greatest joys in life) but if you look at the eternal, it can get always better. I thought about the answers to prayer I've seen, the people that have been saved, the lives changed forever. It gets a whole lot better. It's so easy to just look at the temporal instead of the eternal. Life is good though, one thing I've learned is even in the worst situations, life's still good, because we have a good God, and besides, it could always be worse. :) I love you little one!!!

Your Sister,

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