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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 271

Dear Little One, how are you? Unfortunately, I'm sick. AGAIN! It's this weather change, today is was almost 30 degrees colder. Samuel is sick, too and Alexa looks like she might be coming down with something. Your mommy is coughing a lot, so it's pretty crazy around here. It's a good thing you waited to come. If we can just make it one week with no one getting sick it'll be a miracle. :) 
The trip went well today. It took a while to get down there because of the snow. (It never dawned on us to check the weather before we left.) As we were driving down there, I thanked God for heat. Last year we went without heat in the car for a couple on months. It was terrible, I hated going places. It was so bad Papa had to spray defrost stuff on the wind shield from the inside because our defrost didn't work. I have never been more thankful for heat in my life. I hope I never forget either. God's been so good to us, He didn't have to give us the money to buy the heat, but He did, and for that I'm very greatful. So I said all that to say, I'm thankful for heat on this freezing, cold winter day. :) I love you!!! 

Your Sister,

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