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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 270

Dear Little One, I'm almost tempted to hit enter and then space, but I guess I'll keep all my posts matching except for the one that Alexa sat over my shoulder and read the whole time. :)
Church was good today. One of the men in our church gave a devotion on the tongue and how important it is to control it. It was very good, most of the week the Lord was speaking to me about the power of the tongue, so it was right in line. It was also an encouragement to see this guy growing in the Lord. It's been amazing to watch God work.
 Tomorrow Alexa, Papa, and I are going to Buffalo to mail the prayer letters. I nearly had a heartache at the beginning of the month, because his laptop crashed. Do you remember a couple of months ago I told you that I had to write out every envelope? Well, he bought a new program and so I entered all the pastor's names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. Then his computer crashed so I lost everything and we were only able to use it once! I was like no way when he told me, but life goes on. So on Saturday I started writing the envelopes, the laptop isn't in stable condition so we didn't want to enter all of in and have it crash again. Needless to say we found a program that works and we're going to save them to a memory stick so Lord-willing this won't happen again.
Micah is so excited that you're coming. He bought you a Christmas present today. Since it's your first Christmas you probably won't remember and I don't know if we'll remember to tell you, but when you're older it will mean something to you. He's only 8 and he worked hard in the cold one day on one of our routes so he could make money for Christmas gifts. Not many 8 years old would do that.
I talked to your grandparents today. Paw Paw is doing great. He had heart surgery about a week and half ago and is making good recovery. Meme is learning how to build a fire. lol I'm just messing. :) She reads the blog everyday, so I know she'll get the joke. I better go, I still have some of the house I need to clean so we can leave in the morning. I love you!!!!

Your Sister,

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